Environmental Policy

At Arrowdene Moving and Storage Ltd we are committed to environmental awareness and look for ways to reduce, recycle and create sustainability.

Through training and investment, we are committed to replacing vehicles as they become unserviceable with lowest possible CO2 compliant vehicles that meet current regulations and to teach our drivers to drive for more fuel efficiency.

We aim to reduce the impact on the environment by:


  • Fitting and maintaining our vehicles to maximise fuel efficiency and to minimise emissions
  • Our vehicles are fitted with Satellite navigation which allows them to travel from house to house more efficiently thus reducing air and noise pollution
  • Planned routes and backload vehicles to minimise the impact on the local environment
  • Explore bio fuel technologies
  • Providing external training to drivers on fuel efficient driving
  • Updating drivers on new measures to assist fuel efficiency

Reduce Re-use and Recycle

  • Recycle waste paper and cardboard
  • Re-use paper and cardboard
  • Use of newsprint off cuts as packing paper
  • Using packing paper rather than plastic bubble wrap for most types of packing
  • Use reusable plastic crates for office and commercial moves
  • Maintain and repair wooden storage crates to prolong their life expectancy
  • Return old toner cartridges to suppliers for re-use
  • Recycle old mobile phones and ink cartridges
  • Using local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Recycle glass and plastic containers to minimise impact on landfill
  • Reduce ­ No unsolicited mail (mail shots) are issued
  • Reduce ­ Leaflets are only issued to carefully targeted sources


  • Conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances when rooms are not in use
  • Fitting adjustable thermostats to all radiators
  • Fitted double glazing to all windows to maintain heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer
  • When using Arrowdene Moving and Storage Ltd, you can be assured that we will do whatever possible to minimise the environmental impact to your move and our environment.